A Patriot Party® Delegate must be able to answer the questions who, what, when, where, why and how.  A two-hour interview (made available as both a transcript and audio book) answers all of these questions.  You can read or hear this interview by clicking the first link in the menu to the left.  The interview is all-encompassing and contains everything you need to know.  It is called "How to turn America from the cliff."

The remaining links in the menu to the left summarize the importance and benefits of membership, the significance of becoming a delegate, how to build your local delegate team, what to think about when selecting your local management team from among your fellow delegates, how to get involved yourself and more. 

Clicking the links to the left will return either a transcript or an overview of the content as well as information about the speaker or guest.  Return to this section regularly to catch up on any new information and materials as they are developed.