Patriot Party® Radio is the mouthpiece of the Patriot Party®.  It is THE source for accurate information past, present and future.  The various media should visit this website if they wish to know more than what is stated on, home of the Patriot Party®

The Patriot Party® has worked out the solutions to all of America's social, financial and political problems.  For those in the media who wish to investigate how we intend to restore, fortify and preserve America, we have prepared a written interview and audio book that reveals the one goal and two strategies the Patriot Party® intends to implement when it gains control of Congress.  The featured interview and prepared audio book is “How to Turn America from the Cliff.”  It can be accessed in the “Training” section. 

You can imagine that we are inundated with media inquiries.  We will happily answer your questions, but only after you do some research.  First, review the website.  Second, come back to this website and read the “Talking Points.”  Third, go to the “Training” section and read the transcript or listen to the prepared audio book of the interview called “How to Turn America from the Cliff.” 

Once you have reviewed these materials, please feel free to contact us.