The talking points of the Patriot Party® are essentially an outline of a two-hour interview prepared for the benefit of the media and Patriot Party® members, Delegates, Administrators and Representatives.  The two-hour interview is called “How to Turn America from the Cliff” and it exists in the “Training” section of this website.  Although we recommend highly that you read the full transcript of the interview (or download and listen to the prepared audio book), you can get an overview of it here.  Essentially, we have summarized for you why the Patriot Party® was formed and what representatives will do once they gain control of Congress. 

How the media should use the talking points. 

  • Before media personnel ask for an interview with a spokesperson of the Patriot Party®, we expect them to visit the website.  After digesting the main materials, the following talking points will serve as both a review and a guide when conversing with us and when writing articles about the Patriot Party®

How Patriot Party® members, Delegates and Managers should use the talking points. 

  • The easiest way to tell family, friends, neighbors and coworkers about the Patriot Party® is to direct them to the website.  However, as you interact with others throughout the day, you are bound to encounter situations where you will want to speak out.  When you do, we recommend highly that you make the following points in the order they appear. 

  • The headlines in bold highlight the arguments you'll need to make in the order they should be made.  However, if ever you feel that a brief explanation would be helpful, you can always read the accompanying information.