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Patriot Party Radio
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Welcome to Patriot Party Radio, the mouthpiece of the Patriot Party®

Whether you are a journalist doing research, a producer of a radio show preparing for an interview, a Delegate looking for training materials, an Administrator or Representative seeking guidance, or a member thinking about becoming involved in management, you have come to the right place for inside information about the Patriot Party®.  Let me summarize for you what I think you should be thinking about right now. 

The Democrats and Republicans have monopolized the political process in America for over 100 years.  Both parties have had multiple opportunities to balance the budget and resolve our social problems.  Yet after spending trillions of dollars of our children's money on thousands of misguided public programs, our social problems are broader and deeper than ever before and our nation is drowning in debt.  Folks, we have run out of time for patience and understanding.  No more Democrats and Republicans.  No more chances.  No more debt.  No more bail outs and paying off friends and supporters.  No more forgiving criminal behavior and rewarding abject failure. 

The Patriot Party® is not just a feel-good movement or a horse of a different color.  It is founded on an amazing discovery, an ingenious invention, a sophisticated management tool and a comprehensive plan that together are guaranteed to restore the glory deserving our great nation. 

A new view of human nature called “Gravity Theory” will resolve ALL of America's social and financial problems.  The “Bidirectional System” will break the Democratic and Republican monopolies and repair every problem with the political process.  The “Delegate Elections System” will enable regular Americans to become involved in the political process without quiting their job, selling their soul or breaking the bank.  A complete set of social blueprints will insure our children and future generations inherit a strong America, a peaceful world and inhabitable planet.  Be sure to visit “Talking Points” to get the details on these most important strategies and manangement tools. 

We are Patriots.  Our primary objective is to insure the health and longevity of America.  It is up to us to fortify and preserve America, insuring it remains the greatest nation in the world.  The Patriot Party® is America's party, carefully designed and constructed so that you may participate.  Together we will right the wrongs.  Together we will protect our children from economic disaster and social collapse.  Together we will turn America from the cliff and put it back on the road to health and longevity. 

You are about to define yourself.  The Patriot Party® is not for those who find satisfaction in complaining and making noise.  It is for a special brand of American who truly wants to make a difference.  Be somebody.  Step forward, join us and stand for America.